Rafting Coaching Jobs in El Dorado, AR

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Rafting Coaching Jobs in El Dorado, AR

Our objective is to provide independent Rafting coaching opportunities with online tools and technology that will make a fun, unique, and hassle-free experience with no obligations. We encourage Rafting coaches to thrive in their respective career, while making a positive impact on the sports community. Along with coaches, we welcome private, independent Rafting trainers as well as current and former athletes to conduct Rafting training lessons. This can be a great experience to share and go through!

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Local private Rafting Coaches, Part-time Rafting Trainers, Youth Rafting Skills Development Trainer, Experienced Rafting Coach, Head Rafting Coach, Assistant Rafting Coach, Men & Women Rafting Coach, Boys & Girls Rafting Coach, JV Rafting Coach, Collage Rafting Coach

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Create Unlimited Training Sessions

  • Individual Training Sessions
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Camps & Clincs
  • Promotional Sessions
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Create personalized discount coupons

  • Promote discounted sessions or packages
  • Flat or Percentage Based Coupons

Multiple Training Locations

Create as many training or travel locations including outside of your city or state and reach more distant clients.
  • Local Sports or Recreational Clubs
  • Studios, Gyms
  • Public Parks, Basketball, Tennis Courts

Add Multiple Sports Profiles

Can you do multiple sports training? Excellent! you can add mutiple sports profiles to your account
  • Football Coach + Sports Performance
  • Basketball Coach + Speed & Agility
  • Fitness + Strength & Conditioning
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  • Social Media Promotions
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  • Mark Your Availability
  • Block Days or Hourly
  • Reserve Groups or Sessions
  • Tag Specific Locations
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Coach's FAQ

Please contact us if you have need more clarifications and other coaching options.

Once you submit our coach application form, We will build your coaching profile pages with all the information that you provided us in the form. Your profile will contain information such as session details, hourly rate, coaching experience, skills and your availability that can be seen by the clients. You are able to edit your profile to market yourself as you see fit.
At least 6 months of coaching experience is required to be accepted as a coach on our website. We accept coaches of all different levels and skills sets. We offer a competitive environment for coaches to market their personal skills.
You will be paid as independent contractor, biweekly paycheck reflecting the rate and time of the lessons completed the two weeks prior. You are able to set your own competitive rate. We are able to keep track of the lessons booked and marked completed within our system to pay you accordingly.
Athletes will be able to search coaches will specific skills in specific locations. The skills listed in your profile will be used as keywords in our search engine to match your specific skill-set with the perfect athlete.
You will be able to track any recent activities related to your schedule on your dashboard. The dashboard feature allows you to see recently scheduled or canceled sessions and also allows you to designate time for coaching clinics or schedule time off.
You are able to choose the locations at which you want to train. We require that you provide the addresses of the training facilities that you plan on using so we are able to pass that information on to the athletes.
The number of clients you attract depends on your personal coaching skills, availability, rate, and experience. We provide you with a platform to market yourself competitively based on your skill set. Rates are adjustable to account for demand
Liability insurance reduces the risk of paying out of pocket expenses for a client that takes legal action because of an injury or other harm. We provide liability insurance for coaches who are enrolled with us in case of accidental injury of the client.

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