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Find local sporting events in and around your area. Search for an event to participate in, or create your own event and register it here on FindSportsMentor. Our event categories include: Running and Endurance, Sports Camps, Clinics like Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Youth Sports, Soccer , Game Events, Yoga and Wellness, Martial Arts, Cycling, Adventure, Extreme, and Recreational. Sign up for free today and let’s begin the experience!

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Running & Endurance

Running is one of the most accessible sports around. There are thousands of events year-round in the United States, with a variety of options for lengths, types of running, and partners. These events offer a unique way to get into running as a hobby or even a profession.


Sports Camps, Clinics & Game Events

Camps and clinics are great for honing in on a certain sport and focusing your efforts on improvement. Unlike individual training, camps and clinics provide a sense of intercultural communication and can greatly improve social skills. Game events allow for a fun and interactive way to prepare for an upcoming matchup with your friends and family.


Yoga & Wellness Events

Reduce your stress, relax your mind, and improve your balance of physical and mental harmony. A healthy mindset goes a long way in preparing your body for any situation that may occur.


Marital Arts Events

There is a wide variety of Martial Arts types. Regardless of the format, you learn how to defend yourself or others from physical threats, or even defeat another person in battle. It can also be fascinating to discover the culture behind each form of martial arts, and how they differ from each other.


Cycling Events

Cycling is becoming extremely popular in the USA. There are many independently organized cycling events that are great for bringing together the community. It is also a great way of exploring new areas.


Adventure, Extream & Recreational Events

These events can be used to take your fitness level to new heights. Whether it’s hiking in the woods, or going whitewater rafting, you can be assured that these activities will test your limits and provide you with fundamental techniques that you will remember your whole life.

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