Are you an experienced coach looking to expand your client base? FindSportsMentor is now accepting applications from experienced sports coaches from all disciplines to join the FindSportsMentor private sports coaching team. Register free to gain access to both the largest athlete database on the internet and FindSportsMentor’s free digital marketing services.Learn more about how to become a private sports coach.

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Are you an experienced coach looking to expand your client base?

FindSportsMentor is now accepting applications from experienced part or full-time sports coaches from all disciplines to join the Find Sports Mentor coaching team.Apply free to gain access to both the largest athlete database on the internet and Find Sports Mentor’s free digital marketing services.
  • Be your own boss

  • You’re in control of your sports coaching career! You set your own availability, training structure, and coaching rates while Find Sports Mentor provides the digital platform to manage clients! Create private, group, or online coaching sessions, as well as clinics, camps, and planned time off. Schedule to coach part or full time, and change availability as needed.

  • Maximize marketing and increase your reach

  • We provides digital marketing for coaches across the platform. Athletes are able to search for coaches with specific locations and experience, ensuring the perfect match between student and mentor.

  • Communication made easy

  • Provide client feedback, performance metrics, and manage schedules from FindSportsMentor’s real-time online dashboard.

Common Questions

  • How do I make a profile?

    After creating an account and completing our online application, a FindSportsMentor team member will contact you. At that point, we collect any additional information necessary to create your profile along with the information you provided on the application. Upon completion, you will be provided with a direct link to your public profile and our digital and seo marketing kicks in. Once created, you will have the ability to edit the details as you see fit by contacting support.

  • Do I need coaching experience to be in your network?

    Yes. While FindSportsMentor encourages coaches from varying disciplines and experience levels to apply, a coach should have six months to a year of experience to be considered as a FindSportsMentor coach.

  • How will I get paid?

    FindSportsMentor's coach controls their own schedules and training rates. FindSportsMentor collects payment through a online secure bookings & payment system and pays coaches on a weekly basis (Every Friday) or instant payouts for selected payment methods after completion of training sessions single or multiple. Payment methods include Zelle, Direct Deposit, and E-Check.

  • How do athletes find me?

    FindSportsMentor incorporates some of greatest and latest technologies in digital and seo marketing techniques this allows parent guardians or athletes are able to find sports mentors through various searching engines based on sports training requirements including geographic locations preferences.Our marketing & CRM team constantly upgrades with various marketing techniques like inquiry and e-mail follow ups with customers to make sure your they able to locate their desired coach.

  • How do I know if athletes have booked a session with me?

    Coaches are able to view their schedule, and any changes to the schedule, in the online dashboard. This is also where coaches are able to designate blocks of time for sports clinics or to reserve time off. Additionally, coaches receive an email when an athlete books or changes a coaching session.

  • Where do I teach sports sessions?

    Coaches choose training locations prior to booking time with athletes. For safety reasons, addresses of training locations must be provided in advance to Find Sports Mentor, who will inform athletes of location information. Online training is also available to coaches who would like to take advantage of distance training.

  • How many clients should I expect?

    Find Sports Mentor will advertise coaches based on sports discipline and skillsets. The number of bookings depends on the coach’s availability, location, and athlete interest in the sport.See Tips on Booking Clients

  • How can I contribute to the process of finding and booking clients?

    Accurate information on a coach’s profile page is imperative to correctly advertising coaches and attracting clients. See Tips for Booking Clients to learn how to maximize Find Sports Mentor services and contribute to athlete bookings.

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